10 Best Keto Bread

A keto diet can be complicated for many reasons: it’s hard to stick to it, it’s hard to understand what kind of food you can eat, and – most of the time – you end up eating the same things every day and renouncing even the simplest things… like bread.

Bread is part of our normal diet. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… every day. But you are on a keto, you are supposed to completely renounce it.

For this reason, keto bread can give a great help during a keto diet: it makes your diet more similar to your normal one, without you renouncing bread when you are already renouncing a lot of things.

But pay attention: the bread you eat during a keto diet must be strictly keto-friendly or it can ruin all your diet.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of the 10 best keto bread plus tons of information on why it’s important that you stick to keto-friendly bread and food.

10 Best Keto Bread
10 Best Keto Bread

Why you can’t eat standard bread during a keto diet

If you already know how a keto diet works you don’t need to explain why you canìt eat normal bread during it.

But for those who don’t know, when you are on a keto diet you can’t eat anything that contains carbs or sugar.

In fact, a keto diet is more about what you can’t eat than what you should eat.

The reason why you must avoid carbs and sugar is that the whole point of a keto diet is getting into ketosis, a status where your body begins using fat cells as a source of energy (and therefore you begin losing weight and in particular fat mass).

As you may know, bread is a great source of carbs and you simply can’t eat it during a keto.

However, completely renouncing bread isn’t easy and when a diet isn’t easy you are more likely to interrupt it and not stick to it.

Keto bread, in this case, can become one of the most important foods of your keto diet.

How is keto bread made?

Bread is a great source of carbs because it’s made from grain flour and water, and grain flour is full of carbs.

To obtain keto-friendly bread, we need to opt for another type of flour, flour made from an ingredient that is free from carbs and sugar.

Of course, being made from different ingredients, keto bread can taste different from standard grain bread, but different doesn’t necessarily mean worse.

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Keto bread: main ingredients

So, what are the keto-friendly flours we can use for keto bread? Knowing this, you can either buy the perfect keto bread or make your own.

  1. Wheat flour but free from carbs

The food industry has developed so much that today they are able to provide wheat flour that is completely free from carbs (Net carbs: 0).

This is ideal if you want to stick to the original, common, and familiar taste of bread. However, this isn’t the most natural choice because wheat naturally contains carbs.

  1. Legumes flours

Legumes are a great alternative for what, but they also contain carbs. So, once again, you need to pick the legumes flour with the lowest amount of carbs.

  1. Coconut flour

Coconut flour is the most natural choice because coconut is naturally free from carbs. However, bread made from such flour doesn’t taste like bread at all.

It doesn’t mean that it tastes bad, however: it’s just another taste and you may need a couple of days to get used to it.

  1. Nuts flours

Just like nuts are ideal during a keto diet, so are nuts flour. Bread made with nut flour, however, tastes completely different from the bread you may be used to.

Nuts flour bread tastes better when you eat something sweet on it, but if you are on a keto you must avoid any sugar so pay attention to what you put on your slices of bread!

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Keto bread: additional ingredients

Other than flours, these are the ingredients suitable for making bread that is also the most keto-friendly:

  • Flax: if you add flax to your keto bread, you not only have a zero carbs bread but you also enrich it with added vegetable proteins. Flax is also a great Omega -3 source. Omega-3 is important for the health of our heart but it’s also a fatty acid: fats, and especially healthy fats, are ideal during a keto diet because when you are in ketosis your body is going to use them as a source of energy for both your body and brain.
  • Eggs: eggs can add an extra amount of proteins to your bread. They would be animal proteins, that are not the healthiest, but if you don’t exaggerate you can eat up to four eggs per week during a keto. Your bread, however, will result in having more calories.
  • Vegetables: you can add any vegetable you like to your bread to add or correct the taste.

10 best keto bread

If you want to prepare keto bread at home, you can try any recipe as long as you stick to the ingredients we’ve mentioned above.

But if you want to buy ready-to-eat bread, then you should refer to the list that follows.

1. ThinSlim Bread

Even though ThinSlim isn’t specialized in keto food, they provide a zero carbs bread that is perfect for a keto diet.

This bread is also hypocaloric, rich in proteins and fibers while containing zero carbs.

The main ingredient is wheat protein, which is common wheat freed from any carbs.

It has a very similar taste to common wheat bread but it’s absolutely not suitable for celiac people (it contains high doses of gluten!).

Pros & Cons


  • It tastes just like common bread
  • It’s cheap


  • It contains high doses of glutens

2. Mikey’s Grain-Free Bread

There is no wheat at all in the recipe of this bread. It’s made from a lot of keto-friendly ingredients such as almond and coconut flours and eggs.

However, it doesn’t taste like real bread. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it only tastes slightly sweet. 

It isn’t completely free from carbs, but there are only a few grams (4 g of carbs in 1 slice of bread).

It’s not that rich in fibers, but it has many proteins and fats, both ideal during a keto diet.

Pros & Cons


  • It doesn’t contain any wheat
  • It only contains keto-friendly ingredients


  • It has a small amount of carbs

3. Frank Keto Bread

This is a bread recipe specifically created for keto diets. It tastes just like bread because it is made from modified wheat starch and gluten.

It doesn’t have many fiber, proteins, and fats, but it has zero carbs which is what matters the most.

Pros & Cons


  • Zero carbs
  • Specifically made for keto diets


  • It’s not suitable for celiac people

4. Solo Carb Bread

This bread is made with a small amount of flour and then gluten, wheat bran, glycerine, and some butter.

It contains a small amount of carbs (only 3 g per slice) and can be considered keto-friendly.

The main advantage is that it tastes just like common bread while being free from carbs and hypocaloric.

Pros & cons


  • It tastes just like bread
  • It’s hypocaloric


  • It has a small amounts of carbs
  • It’s not specifically made for keto.

5. Bake In A Minute – Bread

This is not ready-to-eat bread but rather a ready-to-bake mix that can provide freshly baked bread at your table.

It’s a low-carb keto-friendly mix of almond flour, baking powder, ground flax meal, and more.

It’s not completely free from carbs but there is a very small amount of them (only 2 g per slice) and the mix is also rich in fiber.

Fibers can be important during a weight loss diet because they help you feel full and avoid nervous hunger.

Pros & Cons


  • You can bake your bread and have it hot on your table
  • It’s rich in fibers


  • It’s not completely free from carbs, even though it only has a couple of grams of net carbs per slice.

6. Liberated Flourless Coconut Bread

This is a bread that doesn’t contain any flour – as its name suggests. It’s made from a mix of coconut flour, egg, baking soda, and other keto-friendly ingredients.

All ingredients are natural and not modified by human intervention. However, this bread has some carbs in it (7 g per slice).

Also, it doesn’t taste like common bread. It’s rather sweet and many people enjoy it especially for breakfast.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s 100% natural
  • It tastes good


  • It doesn’t taste like bread
  • It has some carbs

7. Sami’s Bread

Sami’s bread is made from a mix of 7 grains that aren’t considered grains in the traditional sense: they are almond flour, legume flours, and soy flour.

This bread has a small amount of carbs but it’s extremely low: only 2 g per slice of bread.

It has a decent amount of fibers but a small amount of proteins and fat. It’s still a good choice for a keto diet.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a good taste
  • It has an extremely small amount of carbs


  • It doesn’t have many proteins and fats

8. Cauliflower Sandwich Thins

This is a sandwich bread made from cauliflower, but it doesn’t taste like cauliflower at all. The other ingredients are eggs and parmesan cheese.

It’s almost completely free of carbs and it’s basically almost free from anything else: a single slice provides 50 calories, a small amount of fibers, a small amount of fats, and the same stands for proteins.

This is ideal if you are aiming to lose a lot of weight because it makes you feel full while you’ve actually eaten almost nothing.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for those who want to lose weight


  • It doesn’t resemble bread at all!

9. Kiss my Keto Bread

This is bread specifically created for keto diets. It’s made from modified wheat that has been freed from every carb.

This bread is available in many flavors (dark wheat, golden wheat…) but they are all completely free from carbs.

The amount of fats, fibers, and proteins isn’t high but it’s still one of the best options when you are on a keto.

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Pros & Cons


  • Completely free from carbs


  • Made from modified ingredients

10. L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread

This isn’t bread specifically made for the keto diet, but it’s specifically made for being completely free from carbs.

It has a zero net carbs content, and it’s also hypocaloric. It tastes just like bread and it’s also easily available.

Pros & Cons


  • Completely free from carbs
  • It tastes just like normal bread
  • Easily available


  • It’s made from modified wheat

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Keto bread: FAQ

What bread has the least calories?

If you are on a keto diet and also paying attention to your calories intake, you should know that coconut bread has the least calories.

Vegetables don’t add calories to bread, but you should avoid adding eggs.

Is keto bread gluten-free?

Not necessarily. Therefore, always check the label carefully if you are allergic to gluten or any other ingredients.

Can I eat keto bread every day?

It depends. If you are only avoiding carbs and sugar, yes, you can eat keto bread every day.

If you are also trying to follow a hypocaloric regime, then bread isn’t ideal and you should limit its consumption.

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