10 Best Keto Supplements

The Keto diet seems to be the new weight loss trend. However, there are good reasons for it! The Keto diet is highly effective! It’s not devoid of limits, though.

Many people on a keto diet also take keto supplements just because they can help overcome those limits.

This article will find out why you may need keto supplements when you are on a keto diet, and what are the 10 best keto supplements available.

10 Best Keto Supplements
10 Best Keto Supplements


Why is the keto diet so effective?

The reason why the keto diet is so effective is the whole point of the keto diet and also the reason behind its name: it brings your body into ketosis.

When your body is in ketosis it produces ketone bodies out of fat and it uses them, instead of carbs, as a source of energy.

This is how a keto diet not only helps you lose weight, but it helps reduce body fat.

The Keto diet has many other advantages and they are old provided by the ketosis.

So, a keto diet consists in eating and drinking only food and drink that can bring you into ketosis and that don’t hinder it. This food is anything that doesn’t contain carbs or sugar.

Why do you need supplements for your keto diet?

The main reason why you need supplements when you are on a keto diet yes because the keto diet isn’t easy.

They are not mandatory, but they can be very helpful in entering and maintaining the ketosis status.

  1. Keto supplements help you go into ketosis.

When you begin a keto, you are also recommended to do keto tests. They are small and simple strips through which you can check every day if you are in ketosis. The longer you stay in ketosis, the more body fat you are going to burn.

It’s what you eat that makes you stay in or out of ketosis status. The thing is that you can only eat a narrow range of food and you also need to cook it properly.

Mistakes are always behind the corner but keto supplements can help you reach and maintain the ketosis even if you make it smaller stakes.

Keto supplements, however, don’t make miracles. You can’t hope to reach ketosis by eating anything you want and taking supplements.

They ease the process and boost your results, but the ketosis and the success of your diet still depend on what you eat.

  1. Keto supplements provide electrolytes

During a keto diet, people can have an increased need for electrolytes such as – mainly – Potassium and sodium.

This happens because a diet free of carbs and sugar could provide muscle cramps. Or you pay attention to eating food that, other than being free of carbs and sugar, is also rich in potassium and sodium, or – more easily – you take a supplement.

  1. Keto supplements can boost weight loss

Keto supplements can help you create more Ketones so that you burn more fat. But many supplements also contain other potentially fat-burning ingredients that can help you lose more weight. For example, they contain probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and ginger.

  1. Keto supplements to prevent nutrient deficiency

People on a piece of diet can have potassium, magnesium, and sometimes also vitamin D deficiency.

Some keto food (for example ready eat keto meals) can be fortified with these elements, but if you are buying keto-friendly ingredients and you cook them yourself, you may need a supplement to integrate them into your diet and avoid suffering from deficiencies.

  1. Keto supplements to sleeping better

Some people on a keto diet can’t sleep properly because of night cramps. Keto supplements provide a boost of magnesium to help you prevent this problem.

  1. Keto supplements for enhanced energy

If you are an athlete and you are on a keto diet, you can opt for drinks or powders that replenish the electrolytes you lose during the activity.

  1. Keto supplements for a better mood

Magnesium, which is generally contained in keto supplements, can help fit your mood and decrease the risk of depression.

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Can keto supplements have side effects?

Keto supplements, generally, don’t have side effects. But the most known side effects, despite they are rare, are:

 Allergic reactions. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in a supplement, do not take the supplement. Always read the list of ingredients of anything you take.

Keto supplements and a keto diet are recommended to anyone who suffers from heart disease.

Keto supplements may interfere with your digestion. Since they generally contain magnesium, they can also have a laxative effect.

The 10 best keto supplements

1. Exogenous ketones

Exogenous ketones
Exogenous ketones

This supplement provides your body with additional Ketones in the form of BHB salt.

Despite these being external Ketones, that is, created in a lab, they are identical to the ones you produce in your body.

When you are in ketosis your body produces 80% BHB salt and 20% acetoacetate and acetone.

Exogenous ketones help you boost your metabolism by increasing your ketones. It’ll also be easier for you to stay in ketosis.

Plus, it kickstarts ketosis quickly so that you can already reach it during your first day of the diet.

Who are exogenous ketones is best for?

Anyone who wants quick results or isn’t able to stick to the diet perfectly.

Pros and cons


  • Enter and stay in ketosis more easily
  • It boosts the effects of your keto diet


  • It can cause halitosis
  • It can cause digestive issues, especially if you go over the recommended dose.

2. MCT Oil


MCTs are the easiest fatty acids to break down into your bloodstream.

They are a good source of energy, and they are also a source of energy that’s quickly accessible when your body doesn’t have access to glucose, like when you’re on a keto diet.

It’s a powder that you can mix in your drinks or smoothies.

Who is MCT oil best for?

Athletes and anyone who experiences a loss of energy during a keto diet. Other than providing energy to your body, this supplement also improves your focus.

Pros and cons


  • it’s a boost of mental and physical energy.
  • It’s perfect for people who have diabetes says it helps manage glucose blood levels.


  • you can’t add it to dry ingredients
  • It’s not portable. It needs to stay in the fridge.

3. Green powder with MCTs

Green powder with MCTs
Green powder with MCTs

When you are on a keto you need to avoid all vegetables and foods that contain any carbs or sugar.

Sometimes, and especially if you don’t have the time and will to get well informed on what vegetables and fruit you can eat, you can end up avoiding many vegetables and we all know that a diet poor on them isn’t healthy.

With your daily dose of Green powder, you can integrate your daily portion of vegetables and fruits.

Who is a Green powder with MCT best for?

Anyone who is not a lover of vegetables.

Pros and cons


  • It integrates minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are naturally contained in vegetables and fruit


  • it can cause some intestinal disturbance, so stick to the indicated daily dose.

4. Perfect collagen protein

Perfect collagen protein
Perfect collagen protein

Collagen protein by perfect he’s a supplement that provides you with extra amino acids.

These have many benefits for your skin, joints, and muscles. They are ideal to 1st recover after a workout or to boost your muscle growth.

Who is Perfect collagen protein best for?

Athletes or anyone on a keto who exercises regularly.

Pros and cons


  • it enhances recovery and muscle growth
  • It also enhances weight loss


  • it has a lot of calories.

5. Naturewise vitamin D3

Naturewise vitamin D3
Naturewise vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 improves Your bone structure and health. You don’t need such a supplement if you spend at least one hour per day in full sun, but we all know that this isn’t always possible.

Who is Naturewise Vitamin D3 best for?

If you begin a ket diet during winter, this supplement can boost your results and overall health.

Pros and cons


  • It helps weight loss as it stimulates muscle growth
  • It improves your bone structure


  • if you take too much vitamin D you can increase your blood calcium level which can lead to kidney stones.

6. Glutamine powder

Glutamine powder
Glutamine powder

When you are on a keto diet you end up renouncing too many things. If you need to renounce your dose of tea or coffee in the morning, however, it can become a problem.

This powder is perfectly keto-friendly and it gives you the power of a double dose of coffee with each serving.

Who is glutamine powder best for?

Coffee and tea lover. Especially if you take it with sugar or milk.

Pros and cons


  • it helps find a boost of energy when you can’t have your usual coffee in the morning


  • it’s tasteless.

7. YAMAMOTO fish oil

YAMAMOTO fish oil
YAMAMOTO fish oil

Fish Oil Is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that other than being ideal for your keto diet also has many health benefits.

For example, they lower the risk of developing diabetes and it’s an immune booster.

Who is fish oil best for?

Anyone. Those who are on a keto diet and those who are not.

Pros and cons


  • Ideal for keto plus many health benefits


  • The capsules smell terribly

8. Keto Chow Magnesium drops

Keto Chow Magnesium drops
Keto Chow Magnesium drops

Magnesium is important during a keto diet because it regulates blood sugar. It also has many benefits on your mood: it helps you feel more motivated, energized and it read uses anxiety and stress.

Magnesium supplements are also often recommended even if you aren’t on a keto diet.

Who is keto chow magnesium drop best for?

Anyone who, during a keto diet, feels stressed, anxious, or demotivated.

Pros and cons


  • it boosts results and it boosts your mood


  • if you overdose on magnesium you can have diarrhea.

9. Honest electrolytes powder

Honest electrolytes powder
Honest electrolytes powder

Electrolytes supplements are important during a keto diet because they improve hydration.

They also help you feel more energized and in a better mood. They also prevent the muscle crime that someone can experience during a keto.

Who is honest electrolytes powder best for?

Those who suffer from fatigue or muscle cramps.

Pros and cons


  • it helps optimize your keto


  • If you overdose on them, you can experience intestinal or kidney problems.

10. Tri-Chromium by Now

Tri-Chromium by Now
Tri-Chromium by Now

Chromium is a crate metal that we eat with eggs, beef liver, and poultry. ALA Helps you metabolize glucose so you don’t store it as fat.

This supplement provides a mix of the two to optimize the results of a keto diet.

Who is Atri-Chromium best for?

Anyone on a vegan keto diet.

Pros and cons


  • It integrates chromium plus it boosts weight loss


  • it can provoke bad breath

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Keto supplement: F.A.Q.

Do I need a prescription for keto supplements?

No, you don’t. However, make sure to ask a nutritionist or doctor what are the best supplements for you.

Are supplements mandatory on a keto diet?

No. Eating only keto food is essential. Supplements are just an additional boost to your results and health.

Are keto supplements safe?

All supplements on our list are perfectly safe if you don’t overdose on them. If you have any doubt, however, ask your doctor