Franz Keto Bread Review- A Truth Revealed!

Franz Keto bread, as the name suggests, is keto-friendly bread. Brands like Franz are making it easier to incorporate bread into strict diets. 

Franz Keto Bread Review
Franz Keto Bread Review

Keto is a diet plan in which you restrict your carbohydrates intake and replace them with high-fat foods. You also get a moderate amount of protein in it.

For example, you have to take around 5 to 10% carbohydrates, 70 to 80%fats, and 10 to 20% protein in the keto diet. 

We all know that the more we put ourselves into these diets, the more we crave our favorite foods.

It’s a psychological fact that when we suppress something, we get double the amount of it.

For example, if we suppress eating a cookie, we may eat a whole pack of it. So, moderation is the key.

The Franz keto bread makes it easier for us to keep up with the keto diet, and with this, you don’t have to get off yourself out of the keto wagon. 

So, coming to the point! Franz keto bread is known as the bread that has 0 carbohydrates but is it true? 

Let me tell you, this bread, like any other processed food, has some hidden carbs, but that’s quite acceptable if you eat it in moderation. 


Keto NameFranz Keto bread
Features Zero carbohydrates with delicious juicy taste

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Why Choose Franz Keto bread? 

If you are into a keto diet and love eating bread, you may be searching for a bread that has low carbs are on carbs at all.

Let me tell you that your search ends here because Franz Keto promises to have 0 carbs in it! Whoa, congrats to you.

Now you won’t have to regret and blame yourself to the death for eating a piece of white bread after craving it for so long. 

What’s more! If you are a white bread person, let me tell you that Franz keto bread tastes the same as white bread.

As a cherry on top, it has 12g of carbohydrates, all of which come from soluble fiber.

In comparison, white bread has 13g of carbohydrates. So Franz’s bread is a win-win. It will not only satisfy your cravings but will also keep you on track. 

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What is Franz Keto Bread exactly? 

What is Franz Keto Bread exactly? 
What is Franz Keto Bread exactly? 

Franz Keto bread is keto-friendly bread that tastes like white bread but has no carbohydrates in it. Seems too good to be true, right?  

Having no carbohydrates does not mean you can eat as much as you want.

Why? Because Franz keto bread, just like any other processed food, has hidden carbohydrates into it.

So, eating an excessive amount of it may give you stomach cramps, so it tries to eat in a moderate amount like test one slice and see if it does not affect your ketosis, then you can add one more. But always start small. 

Also, Franz keto bread comes into the “dirty keto” category. It has no nutrition in it. So you can take it as a substitute for white bread on days when you crave it the most. 

Plans and Pricing 

Its price is $26.15, which will cost you $0.73/ounce.

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Is this true that Franz Keto Bread has Zero carbohydrates in it? 

The answer is yes and on. Yes, because it does not include any natural carbohydrates in it, carbohydrates that come from fiber and carbohydrates that come from fiber are not as harmful as natural carbohydrates are.

But wait! Let me tell you, Franz Keto bread is processed food, and processed foods include so many hidden carbohydrates, so now you may say what the solution to it is?

Here is the solution!

  • Read the nutrition label on Franz keto bread
  • Eat a moderate amount of it 
  • That’s it! You are good to go. 


Satisfies your carbohydrates cravings

We all crave the things that we don’t allow ourselves to take. But as you know, the more we suppress, the more badly we want it.

Are you also craving the bread and now want to take a bite of delicious juicy and fresh bread but fear that you may get de-tracked? It is the solution.

It is made specifically for this purpose that you can eat it on days when you feel like completely giving up on the keto diet and want to go back on your carbohydrates life. It’s a saviour!

It will not only satisfy your carbohydrates cravings but will also keep you on track.

Makes a delicious sandwich

Do you love sandwiches? Are you on a keto diet and now craving your sandwiches?

If yes, let me tell you that you can make delicious sandwiches using Franz keto and believe me, they will taste just awesome!

You can eat them on your cheat days as a treat for yourself. 

Tastes just like real bread

Oh my! it tastes just like real bread. You can try it yourself! 

Zero carbohydrates

Yes, you heard it right! It has 0 natural carbohydrates in it.

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Alternatives Of Franz Keto Bread

  • Base Culture Original Keto Bread
  • ThinSlim Foods Love the Taste Bread

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Customer Reviews

Catherine J.Lucas on Amazon

“I read a review where they said that this bread is not true Keto. I am doing a Keto diet and eating two slices of it per meal and I have never been kicked out of ketosis.”

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Mark Software Dev on Amazon

“This bread is exactly what it says it is.  It contains wheat gluten and all the carbohydrates are fiber. It is the only bread that looks like real bread. It makes a perfect toast.”

Customer Service 

Nobody wants to buy a fake product after giving away their hard-earned money. So it’s a wise decision to always purchase products from trusted resources only.

Also, avoid buying from third-party vendors as most of them deliver fake products only.

When it comes to bread, we should buy it physically or, if not, order it from a well-reputed resource that could deliver you fresh bread. 


Now it’s easy to satisfy your carbohydrates cravings without getting de-tracked with Franz keto Bread.

It has almost 0 carbohydrates in it. However, it does contain some carbohydrates, but they are not natural and come from fiber.

These carbohydrates weigh 12g. In comparison, white bread contains 13 grams of carbohydrates, what’s more.

It tastes just like white bread. So what more do you want? Order it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Franz Keto Bread Contain 0 Carbohydrates?

Yes, Franz Keto Bread has 0 carbohydrates. Although it contains 13 grams of carbohydrates, they all come from fiber and are not natural carbohydrates. 

Will I Be Still In Ketosis While Eating This Bread?

Yes, you will still be in ketosis while eating this bread. 

Is it true that Franz Keto Bread cause cancer?

No, it’s not true. However, there is a warning on its pack, but almost any plant-based food generates a harmful chemical that can cause cancer when cooked at a high temperature.

Franz keto bread is also processed food. So eating in a moderate amount won’t harm you at all.

But if you go off-board, then it can. Also, a warning is labeled because it must be marked on every plant-based food by the food authorities.

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