Green Chef Keto Meal Review – Should You Roll With it?

Out of all the Keto-Meal Provider, Green Chef Keto Meal has been the longest in the game. Switching from your regular diet to a keto diet is a struggle for many people.

Previously, you could not be seen anywhere near the kitchen because your life depended on takeouts.

After starting keto, you spend more hours in your kitchen preparing your meals from scratch. This is a life-changer.

The Green Chef Keto Meal has changed so many lives in a positive way, and in this Green Chef Keto Meal Review, we will look at this diet plan in depth. 

Green Chef Keto Meal Review
Green Chef Keto Meal Review


Keto NameGreen Chef Keto Meal
Price$6.75 Keto + Paleo per serving
Features Very tasty and have a bit of healthy dose.
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What is a Green Chef Keto Meal?

What is Green Chef Keto Plan?
What is Green Chef Keto Plan?

If you have used Keto Meal Providers, you must have heard of Green Chef Keto Meal as well.

Green chef Keto meals are healthy meals that are nutritious and are mostly made from organic ingredients.

There are different vegan and low carb options that allow you to have a wide selection o healthy meals. 

Like other meal kit services, the green chef also operates by sending proportioned ingredients, ready to be made into lunch or dinner.

The only difference between a green chef and the other meal kits is that a green chef emphasizes portion size, quality, and organic produce where possible.

Consequently, this meal kit service works towards keeping to the keto diet and offering meal delivery plans tailored towards a low-carb lifestyle to attract a fitness crowd.  

Though there are many keto-diet provider websites, like KetoGo, Optimiun Keto as well.

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Pricing of Green Chef Keto Meal

Green chef keto meals prices vary depending on the plan that you choose. The pricing at a glance is as follows-

Plant-powered meal plan$10-12 per serving
Balanced living
Keto + Paleo$13
Pricing of Green Chef Keto Meal

The above is the pricing of each serving. In addition to that, there is a $7 flat rate shipping fee for each box.

The advantage of this meal kit is that if you order four to six servings of the plant-based meals in a week, the price will drop from $11 to $9. 

Pros and Cons of Green Chef Keto Meal


  • It consists only of organic and healthy ingredients.
  • The meals are very easy to prepare. 
  • It comes with tasty sauces.
  • It has very awesome customer service that is very helpful to its clients. 
  • Offers meals plans that suit various dietary restrictions. 
  • It is certified organic. 
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • It is slightly costly, especially when compared to shopping for your ingredients.  
  • You are not able to choose meals from other plans. 
  • Separate shipping charges. 

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Is Green Chef Keto Meal Legit or a Scam?

Green chef keto meal is a legit meal service kit. It is certified, meaning that it has gone through testing before being within the public reach.

Secondly, this meal kit service is environmentally friendly, meaning that it does not cause any harm to the environment in any way whatsoever.

Unlike other companies, like Keto Trim or Keto Advance, the green chef offers meals plans that are suitable for all dietary needs.

This implies that no one is left out when it comes to using this meal service. 

In addition to that, green chef meals are a good choice for people who do not have time but do not want to compromise the quality of their food.

This is another reason many people prefer using this meal service and not any other available meal service.

Therefore, with all these qualities, green chef keto meal is a legit meal service plan for many people with different dietary needs. 

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How to take Green Chef Keto Meal?

This meal service kit comes with instructions on how to prepare your meals from start to finish.

In addition to that, all the ingredients are listed, and the recipe card has all the information that you need to start your meal preparation.

You will know what temperatures to cook your meals and what color your meal with turn once ready.

This makes the green chef keto meal service kit the best meal service you can ever use. 

Customer Reviews

When you look at the customer review section, you will be surprised at what other users are saying about the green chef keto meal service.

Below are two reviews that different clients left regarding this meal service. 

When I ordered the green chef keto meal, I was a bit skeptical. My meal was delivered, and truth be told, this is one of the best meal service kits I have ever seen. The recipe cards were amazing and very helpful, especially for a beginner like me. Thanks to green chef, I was able to prepare my meals with a lot of ease.

I had ordered my meal from green chef only to realize later that I made the same order twice. Thanks to the app, I was able to change one of my orders, and I got exactly what I was looking for. 

Customer Service

Green chef keto meal service kit is the most reliable meal service you will find in the market.

They ensure that they deliver all your meal plans on time not to be late for your lunch or dinner preparations.

You can contact customer service for any kind of query at any time, and you are guaranteed to get positive feedback from them. 

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Green chef meals are healthy and consistent. The produces are very fresh and has some bold flavors that you will enjoy greatly.

In addition to that, the sauces are very tasty and have a bit of healthy dose of heat.

Consequently, there are nine different menu options in every plan you choose, allowing you to explore widely with the meal plans.

Therefore, if you want to start a low-carb diet or switching to organic foods, green chef keto meals are the best plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it require to make green chef keto meals?

These meals are easy to prepare and only take about 20-30 minutes of preparation from the beginning to the end. 

Who is this meal kit service designed for?

Green chef keto meal is the best meal kit for people who enjoy organic, simple, and healthy foods.

It is also the best choice for vegetarians since it has a plant-based menu with nine different options to select from. 

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