iKeto Diet Meal Plan Review

iketo diet is an excellent alternative to changing your habits, craving, doing workouts, etc., for weight loss.

But giving it a try can become frustrating and confusing without proper guidance and information from the start.

If you are new to keto, you may not know what to avoid and eat while following a keto diet.

To achieve your goals, you need a well-structured diet plan that could be fun and beneficial at the same time. 

iKeto is one of those diet meal programs that makes keto the easiest diet ever.

The keto diet delivers results immediately and motivates you to stay on track. It could be a game-changer for you. 

This iKeto review intends to reveal how iKeto works, what it includes, its benefits, and pricing. 

iKeto Diet Meal Plan Review
IKeto Diet Meal Plan Review


Keto Nameiketo diet meal plan
Component100% legit and authentic
Price$16.60 to $234 per month
Features Grocery listNutritional information for ketoFree Keto eBookWeight loss tracker, Access for a lifetime
WebsiteClick Here

Why choose the iketo diet meal plan?

The mission of the iKeto platform is a little different from others. It aims to provide the most manageable diet plans and the one that ultimately changes your life. 

iKeto is a one-stop keto diet success program that is efficient in producing maximum weight loss results.

It also helps you reduce heart diseases, reduce blood pressure, boost energy levels, get rid of blemishes and acne, and flush harmful toxins. 

The iKeto platform assures you that “you will love your personalized plan, or you won’t pay for it.” 

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What is the keto diet meal plan?

What is the keto diet meal plan?
What is the keto diet meal plan?

iKeto is a weight loss program founded by nutrition expert Ashley Thompson. Its mission is not only to help you lose weight but, make you live healthier, happier lives.

iKeto develops personalized keto meal plans according to the needs and goals of each customer.

Their platform is simple to use and provides you with an affordable and licensed nutritionist. 

They design your diet plan by considering your eating choices and other details like gender, height, BMI, weight, amount of physical activity you perform, and time you have to cook.

People can also keep track of their weight loss progress through a progress tracker. It helps them modify and monitor their diet.

You can access the meal plans by creating an iKeto account that is 100% service-centered. iKeto can make eating fun, help you crush cravings, and get the results you’ve always wanted.

Plans and pricing

There are three different pricing plans available on the iKeto official website. They are:

1-month plan: 

By accessing this package, you will get a keto meal plan for a month. The regular price for this plan costs $39 per month.

As a special offer, now this plan is available at $19.90 per month from the official website of the keto diet.

3-month plan:

This package offers 3-months of keto meal planning at $117 per month. 

Now it is available at $16.60 per month at a special offer that means just $0.54 per day.

6-month plan:

This plan includes meal planning for 6-months at a regular cost of $234 per month. It is now available at a discounted price of $13.32 per month. 

Along with these plans, money-back guarantee, and special offers, iKeto also offers a 100% free bonus with the purchase. 

You can also purchase The Complete Keto Guide that costs $49.  This guide makes the whole process easier for you and lets you know everything about your keto diet. 

Achieving your weight loss goal is just a click away. Get started with your plan now!

Is the keto diet meal plan legit or a scam?

Keto diet plan platform is a 100% legit and authentic provider of customized keto diet meal plans.

iKeto diet and meal planning system has proved its legitimacy to thousands of men and women with its effective results. 

The glowing reviews of iKeto prove the authenticity of this platform. None of the users has ever experienced any adverse effects of the keto meal planning system. 

Ashley Thompson and her team of expert and leading nutritionists personalize the recipes and meals for their customers. 

Moreover, the platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee for consumers who haven’t been happy with the results.

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The keto diet saves your energy and time from coming up with a diet plan on your own. IKeto includes the following features:

A diet plan tailored to your preferences

The health and nutrition experts of iKeto prepare a customized meal plan based on the information you provide.

Grocery list

It generates a personalized shopping list that helps save your time at the grocery shop. 

Nutritional information for keto

It provides you with all the necessary information related to the required nutrition you will get from your diet.

Easy to prepare 15-minutes recipes

IKeto lets you select food that you love to eat and features easy to prepare chef-inspired recipes. 

Free Keto eBook (valued at $49)

iKeto gives access to the free eBook The Complete Guide to Keto for Beginners to its consumers. The guide makes the keto diet much easier for them.

Weight loss tracker

It also provides a weight loss tracker that keeps track of your weight loss journey to help you modify your plans. 

Access for a lifetime

You will have lifetime access to all the features of the keto diet plan after buying it once. 


Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor aims at improving your health and providing you with the best keto meal plans. You can create your customized plan according to your preferences.  

Even if you don’t have a membership of Diet Doctor, you can avail yourself of their free trial, easy recipes, guides, and step-by-step plans. 

These plans provide everything you need to lose weight without starving.


It is one of the best weight loss diet platforms. They offer three low-carb diet programs. You can pick the one that fits your needs. 

The Atkins diet makes sure to switch your body to the metabolic state. The plan allows each individual to find their carbohydrate balance that is ideal for reaching their goal weight. 

At Atkins, you will get access to low-carb recipes, additional tips, crafted tools, trackers, and best support services to help you succeed.

Keto diet meal plan reviews


“This Keto diet has helped me lose weight and get in shape. I get delicious recipes and tips to stick with keto. I recommend it to anyone!”

Elena R.


“I started a ketogenic diet in an effort to lose weight and feel better, physically and emotionally. Within 30 days my chronic back pain was relieved. I started thinking more clearly and lost more weight than I thought. Keto was a real life-changer. It really works!”

Emily B.

Customer service

iKeto has excellent customer support services. Their team timely addresses all your needs and complaints. Nutrition experts and leaders design each meal plan. 

iKeto keeps you away from the daunting stress of not getting effective results while following your diet plan with their platform.

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This keto meal plan helps you get the required nutrition from your diet along with your weight loss goals.

Their easy-to-follow recipes will save you time, energy and overcome your cravings.

iKeto offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so it is safe to purchase their plans and is worth trying. 

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQS)

Where Will I Get My Keto Meal Plan?

You need to sign up at the keto diet official website. You will be able to access all your personalized meal plans once you’ve created an on the keto diet official website.

Does The Iketo Diet Meal Plan Provide Immediate Access?

As soon as you pay, you will get access to the meal plan.

How Fast Can I Start Losing Weight With The Keto Diet Meal Plan?

The metabolism of every individual is different from others, so their weight loss journey will also be different.

However, you keep losing weight each week, according to our experience.

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