Keto Mojo Review- Is It Worth It?

Keto Mojo is a ketone testing meter. You may think that it’s not that necessary, but it is.

You can’t rely just on your instinct after doing all the hard work. It’s better to be knowledgeable than being ignorant. 

Keto Mojo Review
Keto Mojo Review

So now you are all set for your keto journey. Read all the material related to the ketogenic diet?

Watched all the videos associated with it? Read books related to it? So now you think of yourself as a keto pro.

Are you heading towards your keto diet? Wait for a second! You are missing out on something significant—a ketone-level testing device.

Although there are plenty of good options available in the market, what sets keto mojo apart from its competitors is that it’s pretty much affordable than all the other meters out there. When it comes to accuracy, keto mojo wins the show here as well. 

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Keto Name
Features Low ketone level detection, Mobile phone App, and Bluetooth
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Why Choose Keto Mojo? 

Now you may ask why I should choose Keto major instead of any other ketone testing device?

What sets it apart from its competitors? Well, this one has multiple features other than ketones.

It also measures blood glucose levels, tells you about hemoglobin and hematocrit.

What’s more, it also detects even a deficient ketone level such as 0.1mmol while all the other meters start from 0.5 mmol.

It also has a Bluetooth option and mobile phone application. So with this, you can attach your meter with the mobile app and track your ketone readings. 

As a cherry on top, it is very accurate. The FDA (U.S.Food and Drug Administration) also approved it for accuracy. 

So what more do you want? 

What is Keto Mojo exactly? 

What is Keto Mojo exactly? 
What is Keto Mojo exactly? 

It is a ketone testing device that tells you about the ketone level of your body. It helps you get on track. 

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Plans and Pricing 

The price of the Ketone meter basic starter kit on its official website is $44.99. Plus there is a 5% discount going on, on their website.

So don’t wait before it gets too late! They also offer free shipping on orders worth $34+, so it’s a golden opportunity for all the keto people!

Basic starter kit includes the following things:

  • The keto-mojo GK, glucose and ketone meter.
  • 2AAA batteries
  • Ten ketone strips 
  • Ten blood glucose strips
  • Lancing device
  • 20 lancets
  • The high-quality accessory case
  • Ketone and glucose controlling solution ( solutions are printed on the kit box, so keep this book for reference)
  • Keto mobile app
  • Bluetooth feature

Is Keto Mojo accurate? 

Definitely! It tells the accurate reading. There are plenty of positive reviews which tell how accurate it is.

Also, the FDA ( Food and drug administration) approved it for accuracy. 

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Features of Keto Mojo 

Low ketone level detection

It is the most crucial feature that makes it the best Ketone level testing device.

It measures even the ketone level as lowest as 0.1 mmol while other ketone meters detect ketone levels starting from 0.5mmol.

Mobile phone App

This app is free to use both on Android and iOS devices. You can also connect your cell phone with the ketone testing meter and record all the readings. 


This device also has a Bluetooth attachment option. It fits into the strip meter.

So now you can easily attach the ketone testing device with your cell phone and download all the readings. 

Ten free strips

It comes with ten free ketone strips and ten free glucose strips. During your research, you will notice that the prices of strips are super costly and add up along with the upfront price of the ketone testing device. So by choosing this, you will save lots of money. 


Compared to the other devices in terms of price and lots of features, it appears to be the most reasonable. 

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Hygienic strip ejector

Another exciting feature of this platform is the ketone testing device is its strip ejecting button on the side of the meter.

So, after using the ribbon, you can push the button instead of pulling it out with your finger, and the strip will automatically come out of the device. That’s super handy and quite hygienic as well. 

Easy to use

It is super easy to use as it has only one button. You have to push in the corner of the strip with a drop of blood into the device, and it will show you the results within 10 seconds.

In contrast, the other devices have multiple buttons, making it difficult to check the ketone level for someone checking for the first time.

Four alarms per day

With this, you can set 4 alarms per day that will remind you that it’s time to check your ketone level.

Alternatives of Keto Mojo 

  • Fora 6 connect
  • Precision Xtra
  • Bruno MD6

Keto Mojo Customer Reviews

“Love it. Easy to use and clear instructions.”
Christie B on  the official website of Keto-Mojo

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“Lower the price of the strips.”
Martin K on the official website of Keto-Mojo


If you know Keto, you know how difficult it is and how much dedication and hard work it requires. 

You also understand that how much important it is to be in the ketosis state.

So you may make a guess about your ketone level based on the food you are taking or your movement, but making a guess won’t help at this stage where you are doing immense hard work.

That’s because there are a variety of factors such as the amount of sleep, physical movement.

So food is not the only one to guess our ketone level, and you need a device that will help you keep updated and on track. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Keto-Mojo?

Keto Mojo is a ketone-level testing device.

Does It Come With The Free Strips?

Yes, it not only comes with ten free strips but includes ten free glucose strips as well.

Is Keto-Mojo Accurate?

Yes. Keto mojo shows 100% accurate results. To further assure its accuracy, FDA (Food and drugs authorities) also approved it for accuracy.

How Much Does Keto-Mojo Cost?

The starter kit of keto mojo costs $44.99.

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