KetoGeek Review – Should You Roll With it?

When on a keto diet, you should have some keto snacks that you can take when you feel hungry without worrying about cheating on your diet.

This KetoGeek Review will look more into this product, its pros and cons, features, and why you should consider using it

There are different keto snacks that you can have to suppress feelings of hunger and to make you comfortable throughout your day. 

KetoGeek chocolate fudge is one of those keto snacks that anyone on keto can take. They are low in carbs and have high nutrients to help you stay on track for longer.

KetoGeek Review
KetoGeek Review


Keto NameKetoGeek
Features Delicious and offers an individual fullness
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What is KetoGeek?

What is KetoGeek?
What is KetoGeek?

KetoGeek chocolate fudge energy pods are keto snacks low in carbs, nutrient-dense, and lightly sweetened keto snacks.

It can either be consumed in a pudding or melted to be used as a dipping sauce. In addition to that, it can also be frozen to make ice cream.

This means that this keto snack is very flexible, and you can use it in any form that you find comfortable. 

Pricing of KetoGeek

The KetoGeek chocolate fudge energy pods go for $39.95. This price applies to people who are making one-time purchases.

However, if you are a subscriber, you will get a 10% discount, and instead, you will pay $35.96. 

KetoGeek Pros and Cons


  • It is very tasty.
  • Has a creamy texture which you can use as a sauce or freeze to form ice cream. 
  • It is high in healthy fats and proteins. 
  • Does not contain any added sugars, alcohol, or other additives. 
  • KetoGeek chocolate fudge energy bar keeps you energetic and active throughout the day.
  • Also helps in suppressing your appetite to ensure that you do not over indulge in eating. 


  • It is slightly expensive. 
  • Can melt when in hot temperatures. 
  • Tends to become oily, especially when you do not store it in the fridge. 

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Features of KetoGeek

There are different amazing features of KetoGeek, some of which include the following; 

  • Made with naturally stable fat sources that make it perfect when used as ice cream or as a base for other recipes. 
  • Offers high satiety and fullness when you take the proper dosage. 
  • Does not have any added sugars. 
  • KetoGeek has premium, science-backed ingredients which are safe for human consumption. 

Is KetoGeek legit or a scam?

KetoGeek is one of the legit keto snacks that you will come across. It is rich in taste and helps in suppressing your cravings.

This has helped many people to be able to continue with their keto diet without any difficulties, making it effective in staying in ketosis. 

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How to take KetoGeek?

This keto snack is delicious and offers an individual fullness for longer periods. However, many people on the keto diet may be tempted to over-use this snack.

It is recommended that you take one KetoGeek fudge every day. One dosage will help in keeping you full throughout the whole day. 

Customer Reviews

The customer review section is an excellent place to determine how different customers feel about the same product that you are thinking of getting.

This section is like an eye-opener where you can quickly determine the effectiveness of a product.

From the customer reviews section of KetoGeek, below is some of the feedback that different users left; 

“The KetoGeek chocolate fudge is a source of quick energy for a low carb diet. They are the best for getting energy faster and stopping hunger, and I have been using them for quite some time now. They have helped me stay on my keto diet.”

“This product is of premium quality and taste. I tried refrigerating mine, and it tastes like chocolate fudge brownie batter. It is so yummy.”

Customer Service

The KetoGeek customer service is top-notch. It is this type of service that makes customers stick to a company.

A customer service that works 24/7 to cater to the needs of its clients always gets to keep its clients in the long run. This not only helps a company to grow but also boosts its sales of the company.

This is so because once one client is satisfied with the customer care services, he or she will refer other people to try the same product, and as a result, sales will increase. 

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In summary, KetoGeek chocolate fudge is tasty and sweetened keto snack that you can take during the day to help in keeping you full for a longer period.

In addition to that, you can use this snack either as a dipping sauce or put it in the fridge to form an ice cream that you can have later.

It is very flexible and gives you different options to take it in. therefore, you should try this keto snack. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the energy pods to expire?

Usually, you should use the KetoGeek energy pods for 4-6 months. However, if you can keep it in a cool place, it can go for up to 6-12 months. 

Are there any nuts in this product?

Yes, this product contains nuts. This product contains almonds, whereas the pecan coconut includes pecans. 

How many energy pods can you get for $30?

You get eight pods with this amount. One energy pod is equal to two nutrition bars. 

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