KetoLogic Review – A Safe Option For Beginners

Out of all the Keto Supplements Providers, KetoLogic is one of them. Successfully going through a Ketogenic diet is one challenge that many people face.

In this KetoLogic Review, we will look at KetoLogic, its pros and cons, and its features, among others. 

KetoLogic Review
KetoLogic Review

A Ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diet plans for those who go to the gym and other health buffs.

This is mainly because of the health benefits that are attached to this diet plan. With a Ketogenic plan, staying on your Ketogenic diet will be much easier than before.


Keto Name KetoLogic
Features Have some supplements such as electrolytes, Collagen, and snack bars, among others. 
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What is KetoLogic?

 What is KetoLogic?
What is KetoLogic?

Ketologic is a resource on the Keto diet. Apart from that, this resource also manufactures meal replacement shakes and supplements.

You can either get these products separately or get the whole package in the KetoLogic 30-day challenges. 

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What is KetoLogic 30-day Challenge?

The KETO 30 Challenge makes the process of Keto and losing weight the easiest.

You will be provided with a systematic way of going Keto, one-to-one keto coaching, and also group accountability when you join. 

You will get everything you need with your KETO 30 bundle when you purchase it, and that too at a very affordable price!

There is also a live challenge in the community every month that helps you keep up with the pace.

And as soon as you have bought the bundle, you will be invited to participate in the challenge. 

KetoLogic Pricing

There are different KetoLogic products that you can use to aid in your weight loss goals.

One of the top products is the KetoLogic Meal Replacement Supplement.

The main ingredients in this product are coconut oil, MCT creamer, riboflavin, potassium iodide, and folic acid, among others.

In case you are making a one-time purchase, then you will get this product for $49.99.

However, if you are a subscriber, you will pay $42.49. This means that you have saved 15%. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of KetoLogic 


  • It does not have any weird aftertaste. 
  • Has a good array of flavors.
  • Does not contain any artificial sweetener.
  • It offers the KetoLogic 30-day challenges, which is helpful for beginners. 
  • When you combine all the KetoLogic products, you get into Ketosis without the usual Keto flu side effects. 
  • Buying the KetoLogic 30-day challenge is much cheaper than buying the products one by one. 
  • You experience better results. 


  • It does not contain some key ingredients, such as omega 3. 
  • Quite expensive.
  • It has too many saturated fats. 
  • Not suitable for everyone, especially those with underlying health conditions such as kidney disease, pregnant women, and people with diabetes. 

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Is KetoLogic Legit or a Scam?

The Keto meal powder is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat meal replacement designed to be consumed instead of a regular meal.

The flexible part of this supplement is that you can consume it at any given time since it does not need any form of prescription.

In addition, many people who have used this powder have attested that they feel satisfied and their bodies have been able to stay on Ketosis.

The results delivered are excellent, therefore making it easy to trust this KetoLogic product.

In addition to that, this powder comes in different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, and vanilla.

You have different flavors to choose from, making it even more interesting to take your Keto meal powder.

Therefore, you should not think twice about this product if you are looking for flavorful KetoLogic supplements. 

Features of KetoLogic 

KetoLogic shakes have some amazing features, some of which include the following;

  • It has a detailed step-by-step plan. 
  • The program also contains Keto powder meals. 
  • Have some Keto supplements such as electrolytes, Keto BHB, Collagen, and snack bars, among others. 
  • You get access to coaches and community support. 
  • Keto meal is a great alternative source of fuel when you are on a low carb or Ketogenic diet. 
  • The MCT in this powder helps in promoting weight loss and increasing one’s metabolism. 
  • You feel full for hours, and in turn, you achieve the results you have been looking for. 

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How to take Keto meals?

Keto meal powder can be consumed at any given time. You can take it in the morning as an on-to-go breakfast, as light lunch, and at dinner when you feel like you do not want to cook.

This KetoLogic supplement is sweetened with sugar alcohols, high in fiber, and smooth and creamy texture.

In summary, taking a Keto meal does not require any specific instructions. 

Customer Reviews

In the customer review section, many customers were amazed by the results this product was given.

Two of the customers said; 

I have been looking for a Keto supplement full of flavor to help satisfy my cravings. After I tried the Keto meal powder, I was convinced that this was the supplement I need. I started with the chocolate flavor, and now I am trying the vanilla flavor, and so far, everything is fantastic.

Ketologic Keto meal gives me a feeling of satiety, and since I started taking this Keto powder, I have managed to stay on my Keto diet without cheating.

Customer Service

The customer service is worth trying. They are very responsive and ensure that all customers are satisfied with the feedback given regarding the product they have selected.

You will never regret engaging them. 


The KetoLogic company mainly focuses on Keto meal supplements and replacement.

The taste and flavor are beyond imagination and gives you this fantastic satisfaction that you have been craving.

Consequently, taking the KetoLogic 30-day challenge will also be helpful for those who are not confident with their diet.

Therefore, if you need support with your diet plan, then you should try KetoLogic shakes.  

If you like KetoLogic, we would highly recommend you KetoGo and GreenChef Keto Meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ketogenic a vegan supplement?

Unfortunately, KetoLogic is not vegan. They have protein that is derived from dairy. 

Are these milkshakes gluten-free?

Yes. KetoLogic milkshakes are gluten-free. 

Is the KetoLogic 30-day challenge good for weight loss?

All Keto shakes aid in weight loss, especially in the short term. The 30-day challenge only helps you plan appropriately and give you good Keto meals to enjoy throughout the whole time.

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